November 7,8,9,10, 2019

Wisp Resort, McHenry, Maryland

Crank In Classes


Kim Garver, educator knitting techniques/restorer of vintage sock knitting machines – ten years dedicated to teaching others in the fiber community. Qualifications: Fostering skills to enrich lives and learning, through the fiber arts community, is a continuing and intergral part of my business. I am an internationally known sock knitting instructor and have a long history of teaching in the Fiber Arts field. I have been conducting workshops and teaching various “olden way” methods for 10 years. My greatest accomplishments are the success of my students, it is a gift God gave me and one I fully embrace. I’ve taught workshops throughout the mid west and eastern regions of the United Sates for different organizations and fairs relegated to the fiber community. I have conducted live International webinars for the last three years and have a number of students who have travelled from Japan, Germany and England to attend my in-person workshops. I am flattered to be a world renowned educator for vintage style techniques and machines


We will knit these cute shark socks that I designed specifically for circular sock machines.

Come and crank out these cool shark socks designed for csm knitters. No ribber required. Students should have half the cylinder needles out of their cylinder. Their set up bonnet, waste yarn and either kit by Appalachia Fibers or 1-50g coned Grey and 1-50g coned white.

Supplies: 50g grey 50 g white. Students can bring their own or purchase a kit. Pattern $3.00

Cupcake Surprise Doll

Cupcake Surprise Doll: pattern $5.00 (this will go to designer) and leftover yarns. I will provide some potluck yarns and filling for those who need it.

Workshop focuses on making these ‘handmade’ cute dolls. Bring your left over sock yarn to make these dolls. Pattern is available from designer for $5.00. Ribber is used with the pattern, I will have a “no ribber” alternative for the cupcake surprise. I will also have filler to stuff the doll and potluck yarns.