November 7,8,9,10, 2019

Wisp Resort, McHenry, Maryland


Please bring your knitting bags with your supplies and normal knitting notions, needles, stitch holders, stitch markers, etc.


KATHY ZIMMERMAN                                    

Class Title: “No More Cold Ears” Earwarmer

(skill level intermediate, worked in the round)

Teacher’s Name:  Kathy Zimmerman
Level of Class:  Intermediate
Max Students: 25
Skills Required:  Student must be able to knit and purl, work in rounds with a 16” circular needle 

Class Title: “Design-Your-Own” Cabled Headband

(skill level intermediate, worked back & forth flat, then seamed)

Teacher’s Name:  Kathy Zimmerman
Level of Class:  Intermediate
Max Students: 25
Skills Required:  Student must be able to knit and purl, work a basic cable

Class Description (for both classes):

Somewhere between earmuffs and a hat, ear warmer headbands will keep your ears toasty while adding some pizazz to your fall & winter wardrobe.  They also look fabulous with hairstyles like “messy buns” and ponytails, so you can be warm and chic!  These stylish accessories use a small amount of yarn and knit up quickly, which make them perfect stash busters.  Best of all, no dreaded “hat hair”!

The thought of wearing ear warmers while taking a walk around Wisp Resort inspired Kathy to choose different styles of ear warmer headbands in different yarn weights.  These ear warmers are sized for ladies and have plenty of stretch; however, the fit is easily adaptable for children and young adults.

The student will have a “hands-on” opportunity to begin knitting an ear warmer. The choice is yours —  a cozy knit-and-purl double thick textured style (worked in the round) or one that you can make your own with a cable stitch pattern that you like (worked flat and seamed).  Either style is quick to make, fun to knit and takes less than a skein of yarn to make.  As an added bonus, stop by during Open Knitting sessions with Kathy to learn about yet another very easy and quick option.  Learn how to knit cozy ear warmers for everyone, just in time for the winter holiday gifts or stocking stuffers!


Class Supplies:

“No More Cold Ears” Earwarmer (worked in the round)

Yarn:  Worsted weight yarn approx. 125 yards for a ladies size medium 21” – 22” head circumference (headband will stretch)

Needles and notions: US size 7 knitting needles, 16” circular length; stitch markers; row counter; tapestry needle; scissors.

Yarn shown in photo:  Mrs. Crosby “Steamer Trunk” chambray colorway

Thanks to Mary Triplett for granting permission to use her “No More Cold Ears, Earwarmer pattern (

Homework – none

Knittreat will furnish the yarn for this class.


“Design-Your-Own” Cabled Headband (worked back & forth flat, then seamed)

Yarn:  Approximately 125 yards chunky weight yarn.

Needles and notions: US 9 or 10 needles (your choice of circular or straight); cable needle; stitch markers; row counter; measuring tape; tapestry needle; scissors.

Yarn shown in photo:  Berroco “Vintage Chunky” dungaree colorway

Thanks to BERROCO YARNS for granting permission to use “Calisson” headband pattern (, our inspiration piece, as a guideline.

Homework: none.  If you wish, please bring along any cable stitch patterns that you would like to substitute.  Kathy will bring along a stitch dictionary with several possibilities.  Sample shows a 12-stitch cable panel.

Knittreat will furnish the yarn for this class.


Extra Bonus Project:  Fast & Fun “Easy Does It” Headbands

(skill level advanced beginner, during Open Knitting sessions with  Kathy)

During Open Knitting sessions, join Kathy for making an easy stockinette and garter gathered headband.  You may add a personal touch to your ear warming headband by embellishing it with a garter tab and buttons or a handknit flower.  This is a quick, easy knit for even the most novice knitter.

Yarn:  Approximately 90 yards superbulky yarn.

Needles and notions: US size 10.5 or 11 circular knitting needle, 16” length; tapestry needles; assorted buttons (a good use for your ‘button box’ treasures); small amounts worsted weight scrap yarn for flower (optional)

Yarn shown in photo:  Manos del Uruguay “Franca” miel

Thanks to Valerie Baber for granting permission to use her “Rachelle Chunky Ear Warmer” pattern (  Valerie requests that you enjoy this pattern and please “Pass It Forward”.  Either make one for someone in need, charities, or do something nice for someone else and pass the gift of helping others forward.



Cabled Keyhole Scarflet

In this class, students will work a simple cable, learn the i-cord selvedge technique and then work a bit of i-cord to finish this simple scarflet.

Materials:  Approximately 250 yards of worsted weight yarn, US#7 needle (or size needed to achieve a gauge of 20 sts & 28 rows/4”), cable needle, tapestry needle

No homework.

Knittreat will furnish yarn for this class.


Mitered Pendant Necklace

In this class, students will learn mitered knitting, i-cord selvedge, i-cord and bead knitting to create a small pendant necklace.  A great way to use small amounts of fingering weight yarn from your stash!

Other examples of incorporating knitting into jewelry will be included.

Materials:  Approximately 15 yards of fingering weight yarn, US#5 needle, tapestry needle, small stitch holder or pin.  Beads and necklace clasp will be provided

No homework.



Small Gift Bag

let’s create small gift bags for that special gift.  We will learn how to use a gift bag pattern and customize it to the size needed for any occasion. We will have fun with finishing a small project in different ways and with embellishment. Please bring size 7 or 8 circular needle. Yarn and embellishments will be provided or you can bring yarn, buttons, etc. to add to your creation.

Cabled Gift Card Holder

For this class we will do a cabled gift card holder with size 7 needles and a phone holder with size e needles. Learn good finishing techniques with these small projects and have useful gift holders ready for the holidays.


MARGE CONNELLY               

Mug Hug

This class is a fun and easy way to use a little yarn to make a lovely gift.  You will learn a lot about different cables.  You will learn a simple buttonhole.  This is a project that you may even be able to take home finished.  Basic  casting on, knit and purl stitches are used.  Binding off is also part of the pattern.   Learning the knitted cast on or the cable cast on is fun and easy.  You will want to make several of these to use as gifts.

You will need size 6 needles (straight or circular) [It is knit flat] and a cable needle.  We will use cotton yarn that I will provide for the class.  You will need a sewing needle and thread, a button and beads for eyes.  I will have all of the supplies at the class except the knitting needles and cable needle.

I have Paton’s Weekender cotton for everyone but if you want a special color, feel  free to bring your own yarn.  It should be pastel or light in color and a solid color so that you can see the owl!   If you made the fingerless mitts last year, you will see some similarities.  I have adapted my pattern to keep your tea or coffee warm.  You may bring your own mug to class so that you can size where to put your button.

Virus Shawl                                    

This crocheted shawl is a quick project.  It is truly fun to make although it can be a little tough to get started.  I had to do 2 corrections on the chart from Ravelry.  I would love to show you how to get started on this addicting shawl.  You may  use almost any yarn, just choose the correct hook size.

I used a Zauberball Crazy on one and Lion Brand Ice Cream on another and both came out delightful.  If you like to crochet,  you may want to give this class a try.  It looks best with a yarn that has long color changes or very subtle color changes, or no color changes at all.  I speckled yarn or one with very short color changes looks too busy with this pattern.  Remember, when you have fancy stitches, use plainer or smooth yarn.  When you have a plain pattern,  let the fancy yarn sing!

You will need yarn and a crochet hook that will work with the yarn.  You will need to know how to make a slip knot,  chain stitch, single crochet, and double crochet.  Not too difficult even for a beginner.

Workday Scarf

I would like to invite all of the attendees of the Knittreat to go on Ravelry and download the Workday Scarf.  You can use almost any yarn if you use the correct size knitting needles.  This is a project that we can get done in a weekend while we are chatting.  You do not have to pay much attention to it and can catch up with your friends around the fireplace at Wisp.  I would love to sit with all of you to hear about your adventures.  You may however just want to bring something else to the evening around the fire and that would be fine too.  Please let me know if you are having any trouble with a knitting pattern and I would be glad to either help you or get you help.



Viking Knit Bracelet

In this class your will be making a bracelet.  All supplies will be furnished.  Viking knit is made by using a dowel rod and weaving wire around the dowel to make the pattern.  We will be adding beads as well as a magnetic closure with a safety chain.


Crochet Wire Necklace

You will be making a necklace from wire and adding beads.   Beginner class.  You will be doing a chain with a crochet hook and wire while adding beads.  The necklace has its own clasp worked into the necklace.  You will need a crochet hook size K. Preferably a metal hook.  I don’t like to use the hook for yarn after using it with wire as it can get a burr on the metal.

All other supplies with be furnished.

Jewelry Class



Beading Sampler

Beginner Class:  Must know how to knit and purl.

In this class I will be teaching you different was of adding beads to your projects.  We will be working with a dk weigh yarn and beads. I will have a kit for each student that will include yarn, beads. Please bring a size 5 or 6 knitting needles.  We will be working flat.  Bring a small crochet hook size 1.75 .

I will also be giving you a pattern for a small beaded bag.



TRACY SIMMONS                 

Beaded Cowl

Beginner to Advanced Level: Must know how to knit, purl.  We will be knitting in the round

In this class we will be making a beaded cowl.  We will follow a simple chart to add beads to small lace pattern.   The cowl is knit in the round.  I will furnish the yarn and bead needed for this class.  You will need a size 5, 16 or 24″ circular needle.

Knittreat will supply the yarn and beads for this class.




Basic Crochet Class

Class Description:

Participants have the opportunity to observe and practice the following basic crochet stitches: chain stitch, single crochet, double crochet and turning chain stitch.  Time permitting, other stitches will be discussed and demonstrated such as a  half double stitch and a triple crochet stitch.

Materials Needed:

Light color Worsted Weight yarn to practice stitches.

Crochet hook size US G or H.